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“To educate the children of today is to construct the foundation of the nation of tomorrow. Faithless teaching makes for unfaithful citizens. Shall our nation continue in the faith of our Founding Fathers or shall we veer in the direction of secularizing the citizens of tomorrow? This is not merely one of our nation’s problems. It is the problem of all problems for as we educate our youth today, so will be our nation tomorrow. Our nation now is standing at the crossroads. Today our American youth is being trained in state schools whose educational program is committed by law to secularize the citizens of tomorrow and that at state expense!” — Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History, xix

Dayspring Christian Academy’s essential mission is a choice to educate our children in a way that honors God and that teaches students to think and live in the light of God’s Word. This important work is carried forward with the assistance of dedicated business partners. These partners help to support the school through partnership programs, including our Remember America Speaker Series. We extend our most sincere thank you to these business partners for their continued support and welcome others who would like to walk with us.

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